The Tough Topic

I always promised myself that I would try and be as honest as possible while documenting my CEO journey. That I would celebrate the ups and not sugar coat the downs. I have avoided blogging recently because this blog is a tough one to write, and it should not be, but the stigma around poor mental health still exists.

So why haven’t I been blogging? Well, life went and punched me in the face, kicked me in guts and stomped on my head (figuratively). You never want to admit that your metal health is your weakness, it’s hard to talk about with your friends, it’s difficult to articulate and when you try, you often just sounds crazy (yep, I said it).

So, instead of tell you about how shit life has been and why the chemicals in my brain aren’t working they way they should, I want to write about all of the positives that have come out of this time.

  1. I’ve had to admit to my friends that I’ve been struggling and they have been super supportive.
  2. I’ve picked up an amazing, young, vibrant life coach who is freakin amazing! She has been a bit of a life line! Check her out:
  3. My counsellor is back on board and as quirky as ever, hypnotherapy anyone?
  4. My family has my back, you guys rock!
  5. I’ve been forced to look inside, question and re-examine why I do and think what I do and think.

So, it’s not all negative, it’s definitely not all positive though either. Some days are more of a struggle then others and unfortunately today is one of those. But, tomorrow is another day, a clean slate to start again.

2 thoughts on “The Tough Topic

  1. Hey Monica. Thanks for blogging again. There are valleys between every mountain top. Thanks for being brave and sharing the valleys. Just keep writing. There’s gold in the valleys and when we dig it out and share it we will change lives.

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