Dedicated to my Nonna- Gnocchi

Growing up in an Italian family who have maintained some semblance of the “old way” has been an interesting experience. One of the great things to come out of this (and there have been plenty) is my love for homemade food. So much so that I have been spending a fair bit of time recently preserving the traditional ways. This time however was meant to be a collaborative experience with my sister, who decided that hanging out in the pool was waaaay more fun then slaving over a hot stove, on ya Sis 🙄.

Anyways, here is a recipe for potato gnocchi in memory of my Nonna.


4-5 medium potatoes

1-2cups of plain flour

1 egg beaten

A pinch of salt


Peel the potatoes, cube and put into a saucepan, add water and salt and boil until soft.

Drain, mash really well (or put through a ricer) and leave until room temperature.

Flour a clean bench top, tip the potatoes, 1 cup of flour, the egg and salt into a mound and mix together. This last batch I made I actually left the egg out, so if vegan is your thing, you can totally leave it and I added a bit more flour.

Once we’ll mixed, take a small chunk and roll it out on the bench top, making sure you have heaps of flour to stop it from sticking. Roll it until it’s about 2cm high and then cut it into 2-3cm “pillows”.

Note: I’m actually pretty casual with how I do this. As long as the gnocchi are bite size and even, you’ll be fine.

Store the gnocchi on a lightly floured board or plate while you work on the next batch.

Note: I also lightly roll my gnocchi on a fork to give it a bit more texture. This is me being a little wanky and is completely unnecessary.

Boil a saucepan full of salted water. Drop in a handful of the prepared gnocchi. Stir gently and as soon as the gnocchi rises to the top of the pot, it’s cooked. Remove it with a slotted spoon, drain the water and add the sauce. Serve immediately.

A massive thank you to my late Nonna for sharing these special skills with me.

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