Random Opportunities in the World of Academia

What was meant to be a pretty standard meeting about content, turned out to be a 1.5 hour brainstorming session with the new Dean of Research and Research Activities.

If someone said to you, “I want to create a brand for our PhD students. What do you think of XYZ?” what would you do?

The very first idea out of his mouth, a project plan that I had been creating in my head. Working with a Not-for-profit and the community to work on a high priority topic.

Coincidence? Opportunity? Illusions of grandeur? A bit from A, B & C?

So now I’m stuck on what to do next? My contract is up. My contract isn’t actually in the area of discussion today, completely separate areas. All of these ideas are processing through my brain and how freakin cool would it be to play a part in creating a university program?

Mind map it out? Come back with the beginnings of a business case? Is it a waste of my time? I think my answer is to sleep on it.

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